The Montessori Approach

Dr. Maria Montessori devoted her life to working with children. As a scientist and physician, Dr. Montessori observed children, then assessed and advocated their needs. As one of Italy’s first female physicians in the twentieth century, she drew upon her clinical understanding of children’s cognitive growth and development to design an educational framework that has become a successful worldwide educational movement. Dr. Montessori established “Children’s Houses” based on her appreciation of the importance of the child’s own activity in learning.

The faculty of Montessori School of Fort Worth believes that learning occurs in an inquisitive, cooperative and nurturing atmosphere; that learning takes place through the senses by manipulating materials and through interaction with others. Montessori School of Fort Worth is a student-centered environment where respect is projected at the core of our mission. Great care is taken to foster the individuality of each child.

All efforts are made to ensure each student has a positive experience in school, thus cultivating the natural desire to learn. Our primary goal is to help the children to become life-long learners and reach their full potential in all areas of life. We welcome and encourage you to make a personal visit to the school in order to determine if you wish to join the school-family partnership.

Montessori education is consistent and has withstood the test of time; yet, is dynamic because it is responsive to the changing needs of the children. Dr. Montessori’s ideas have made a lasting influence on education today.

MSFW is accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). What differentiates an AMS – accredited Montessori school from other Montessori schools? Click here to learn about the merits of attending an AMS accredited school.  More information on the Montessori approach to education and school accreditation is available on the AMS website.

MSFW is also accredited by AdvancED and the National Council of Private Schools.