To ensure the safety of all our students, please keep in mind the following when dropping off or picking up your child:

  • utilize the driveways for dropping off and picking up your primary aged child and above.
  • Enter either driveway from the north only (Camp Bowie) and turn right into the driveway
  • If you approach the school from the south, use the parking lot across the street to turn your car around to enter the drive way from the north (Camp Bowie)
  • Adults should remain in their car while in the driveway. An adult will escort your child safely to your vehicle.
  • If you need to assist your child to their classroom, or stop by the office, please park across the street, not in the driveways, no matter the time of day.
  • When exiting the drive, refrain from turning left, no matter the time of day. Again, use the parking lot across the street if you need to head north toward Camp Bowie to turn your car around.
  • Toddler families should park across the street and escort their student to their classroom
  • Parking is plentiful across the street. Do not park in Carleton White’s accounting office lot next door. This is the busy tax season for accountants and he needs all of his spaces for his clients.

Thank you for helping us make drop off and pick up a safer experience for all.