Each class at MSFW created wonderful keepsake books this fall.  The toddler and primary books feature beautiful color photographs of the children engaged in various works both inside and outside their classrooms. “I Am…” is the title of the two lower elementary books. The books feature original poems about who the students are accompanied by self-portraits the students created in art class. The Upper Elementary students created a series of “Time Traveling Tails”  featuring stories about Daisy, our school mascot, and Mr. Puffy, the bearded dragon that lives in the Upper Elementary classroom as a class pet, as they travel through time visiting dinosaurs, outer space, ancient Rome, the middle ages and many other exciting places. Our creative middle school students put together a class book featuring drawings, poems, stories and photographs, basically “all the stuff that makes us who we are”.

These delightful books are perfect for gift giving. Orders will be accepted until this Friday, November 17 so that we will have them in time for the holidays. If you would like a copy, please stop by the school office to place your order.