Enrichment Programs

Creativity flourishes in this atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Students are afforded situations that help develop communication skills, become creative thinkers and problem-solvers, develop group effectiveness skills, and at the elementary level begin to understand time management. Each child is shown respect and is expected to respect others.

The fine arts program at Montessori School of Fort Worth is designed not only to educate children in art, music and Spanish, but also to stimulate them so other learning can take place and to tap into their emotions and creativity.


The elementary art program has a multi-media curriculum that encompasses a variety of art studies including art history, drawing, painting, and different forms of sculpture. The children are offered the knowledge of basic principles and elements of art to give more meaning and substance to their art appreciation. This knowledge also serves to improve their critical thinking, problem solving and visual awareness defined as how they view the world around them. Art projects are designed to incorporate these principles and elements however, the overarching factor in these activities is to encourage and foster individual creativity. The nurturing, non-judgmental environment frees the child from fearing criticism of the artwork and allows each child’s creative expression to emerge.


Montessori School of Fort Worth has an outstanding music literacy program for children. Our classes foster a love of music in a family context that forms a lifetime appreciation for music. We respond to the flow, meter, and texture of music with movement and singing, and enrich those experiences with instruments. The class context fosters social development and self-confidence. There is a core group of songs that move with the children as they progress from one class level to the next.


Lessons in Spanish are offered starting at the primary level and continue through middle school. Students acquire a vocabulary of commonly used words and develop those into conversational phrases at the elementary level. An appreciation of the culture of our neighbors to the south, Mexico, is fostered through highlighting dances, food, celebrations and folktales.