Middle School Learning Community


The Middle School enables students to grow and make decisions as they work in a community of adolescent learners led by adults focused on this age of development. Research reveals that the ideal school environment for early adolescents provides a feeling of safety, a sense of community, and a close working relationship with caring adults. The Middle School provides such a place, where students learn about themselves, respond creatively to assignments in the curriculum, and blossom into responsible young adults.

Our intimate class size offers an extraordinary mentorship opportunity as students explore overarching themes over a two year cycle. Students respond to these themes that are carried through the studies of literature, writing, math, science, history, and personal reflection. Students have the opportunity to explore big questions through varied approaches: small group instruction, project based learning, experiential outdoor learning, and writing across the curriculum. The middle school students are prepared academically, socially and emotionally for high school and the challenges that lie ahead.