Mark your calendars now! We invite you to join us Saturday morning, January 28 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm for a special parent education event. Join the teachers at MSFW and discover the flow of the Montessori curriculum as it flows through each age. This interactive morning will allow time to work with the Montessori materials, ask the teachers questions, plus compare and contrast how the Montessori approach differs from parents’ own school experiences. Please RSVP by clicking here. The Middle School students will provide care for a fee. More information to come.

Adult guests are welcome to attend so feel free to invite anyone who might be interested in a Montessori education for their children. Guests should RSVP to or (817) 732-0252.

Comments from participants at our last Discovery Journey:

“It was a great experience.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this discovery journey!  It really helped me understand how the progression of knowledge is tracked.”

“One memorable thing I learned is the consistency of the teaching method beginning from the introduction of concepts to the application and higher level thinking skills.”

“I’m so glad I came tonight!  I feel like I learned so much about the Montessori curriculum in a fun, entertaining way.”