Wednesdays throughout the school year are reserved for Show and Tell for all primary students. This is the child’s opportunity to bring an item from home to share with the class. Items with scientific, historical or cultural significance are preferred. Refrain from bringing in toys. Examples of show and tell items include fossils, foreign currency, leaves, etc. With adult assistance, the student should note three interesting facts about their chosen object on a notecard to share with the class. The information can be as general as : 1. this is a red oak leaf, 2. I found it in my backyard, 3. it is red or specific as: 1. ┬áthis is a Canadian dollar coin or “loonie”, 2. it is called the loonie because it features an image of a common loon on one side of the coin and Queen Elizabeth II on the other, 3. it is minted at the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg.