• to the following individuals who came to the Workroom Party last week:
    Peggy Newton (grandmother of Abigail Jeffress – 1SAM)
    Katie and Rhodie Blair (Nathalie Mae – NAM)
    Lori Bruns (Lillian – SPM)
    Kobrie Hodge (Emma – 1SAM)
    Ellen Pulliam (Turner – NAM/NPM, Gregory – UE)
    Juanita Pena (June – 1SAM, Gavin – NLE)
    Gisela Hollon (Ari – 1SAM, Ignazi – SLE)
    Lauren Reasoner (Cooper – NAM/NPM, Campbell – WT3)
    Doreen Teoh (Gareth – 2SAM/SPM)
    Allison Bertorelli (Charlie – NAM, Lulu – UE, Tommy – NLE)

    The following individuals brought projects home to complete for the teachers:

    Brittany Holmes (Harlan – 2SAM, Henley – ET3, Hollis – ET3)
    Emily Herreros (Penelope – WT3)
    Ashley Buchanan (Henry Shaw – NAM)
    Eddie Hollan (Ari – 1SAM/SPM, Ignazi – SLE)
    Nicole Castillo (Isabella – NAM)

    Your help is greatly appreciated by all of our teachers and students!

  • to our parents who referred families to our Open House admission event last Sunday. Parent referrals are our best resource for enrolling new families to our school
  • to the teachers, parents and students who came for conferences yesterday. We always enjoying getting to spend time with you.
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