• to the following individuals for reading to the primary students: North – Cathy Caporicci (grandmother of Ava Runo -NAM), Lauren Reasoner (Cooper – NAM/PM), Ashley Buchanan (Henry Shaw – NAM), Melissa Bartek (grandmother of Cooper – NAM/PM), BranDe Hayes (Natalie – NPM), Bonnie Lehr (Reese – NPM), and Ellen Pulliam
    South: Jane Summerford (grandmother of Sammy Summerford), Emily Herreros (Penelope – WT3), Megan McConnell (Nancy – 2SAM), Sarah Schultheis (Patrick – 2SAM), Stacy Vazquez (Eleanor – 2SAM/PM), Mira McCarty (Evan – NAM/PM) Brittany Holmes (Harlan – 2SAM/PM), Maria Karnes (Oliver – ET2), and Robert Piwetz (Jack – 2SAM/PM)
  • to the Mayo family (Jack – UE and Parker – SAM/PM) for donating Legos to the before/after care program.
  • to Dr. Lisa Lewis (Jack – NLE) for speaking to the Lower Elementary classes about the importance of hand washing.
  • to Deepa Murali and Amit Vasudevan (Arjun – UE and Akshay – NLE) for giving a presentation to the Lower Elementary classes about the Indian holiday of Diwali – the festival of lights, before the Thanksgiving break.