Thank you to all the school community that has made the opening of this year the beginning of a great story.  Many of you attended the Parent Orientation, the Welcome Picnic or have stopped by the school so you are aware of the physical growth of the school with the new Lower Elementary building and the new patio. A photo of the new South Lower Elementary classroom is featuring among the photos in the post below titled “Last Week in Photos”.

I am pleased to introduce several new teachers to our school: Kathy Schimmel, Gaby Rea, Gail Corley, Harry Cole and Dr. Amanda Stone Norton! I know you will join me in welcoming these wonderful teachers to our growing school! See below for more information about each teacher.

Notes of welcome and gratitude are encouraged.  The UE students sent notes of gratitude to several of the faculty and staff on the first day of school.  What a beautiful mindset for our new school year.  Here is just an example of the positive cheer they are spreading.

– Amy Henderson, Head of School